SAi launches software for POP display and box construction

SA International’s DisplayGenie software is aimed at point-of-purchase display and carton designSA International (SAi) has launched SAi DisplayGenie, an efficiency enhancing point-of-purchase (POP) display and box design software, powered by the company’s renowned Flexi software. The supplier provides software solutions for professional sign making, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM for CNC machining industries.

Introduced for print businesses seeking to extend their applications offering, SAi DisplayGenie eliminates multiple steps to improve job creation efficiencies. It also simplifies the structural design of folding carton, corrugated cardboard, sandwich material POP, free-standing display units and packaging.


‘For a fraction of the price of high-end packages that are typically tied to specific manufacturer’s hardware, the new software enables large format print providers to quickly and easily get started with POP display and box creation,’ says Dean Derhak, product director at SAi. ‘By expanding their applications offering, print businesses can increase revenues and sharpen their competitive edge, all while enjoying enhanced production operations thanks to a simplified and expedited job design process.’

Extensive library

SAi DisplayGenie is compatible with all existing wide-format RIP software that drives flatbed printers and cutters. It features a simple, yet complete toolset to enable easier display and box structure design. Users can quickly choose and adapt existing templates from the extensive and continually expanding library of popular folding POP display, as well as box templates from the European Carton Makers Association and European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers.

These can then be personalised with an array of options, including new artwork, designs, images and texts. Using the product’s intuitive interface, designers can enter new geometric values, from which the Flexi software then parametrically rebuilds designs in seconds.

Further cost and time-saving benefits are provided by an integrated graphic and structural design with animated 3D folding preview, which helps maintain workflow efficiency by catching any mistakes before production. This is also aided by the ability to export rotational package display or box designs as 3D PDF files, for customer review or adjustment prior to production.

As a result, SAi DisplayGenie overcomes the troublesome pain points faced by designers when creating such pieces in their existing software. Achieving accurate design with other software is often time-consuming and invariably relies on trial and error during production. This is due to the difficulty in properly accounting for folding material thickness and folding behaviour.

SAi expects its new innovation to particularly appeal to businesses that already operate a flatbed printer, but might also be seeking to install a flatbed cutter. Existing users of Flexi will be well acquainted with the familiar interface and will also be able to use the package on any number of existing licenses.

For a full list of dealers, contact SAi on or +32 2 725 52 95.

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