Maggenta upgrades to Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 II

The quality wallpaper that can be printed on the machineIstanbul-based Maggenta, a printer of custom-made wallpapers can now print high-quality, emission-compliant, environmentally friendly wallpaper. The company uses a Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 II.

Having invested in an Acuity LED 1600 in 2014, Maggenta upgraded to the Acuity LED 1600 II in February 2018. 

This has boost production speed by 50 percent and brought in added versatility.

With this recent investment, Maggenta, once a latex print specialist ceased all latex print for wall coverings.

‘We offer personalised, bespoke products to our customers through our talented design team tailoring projects based on the specifications required. Maggenta’s wallpaper portfolio is impressive. It has a vast range of photographic quality prints, ranging from nature to urban sprawl, and oceans to skies. Texture-like wallpapers depicting wood, fabric, solid colours and various patterns also form part of Maggenta’s offering.

Its huge range of high-quality products is matched by its stringent business standards,’ says Mehmet Kucuk, Maggenta’s founding partner.

Kucuk says the company uses environmentally friendly and emission compliant products. 

‘When you consider that printed wallpapers will be part of people’s everyday lives, homes and workplaces, it is vital the ink does not impact the health of our customers or our employees. The inks we use are approved by international environmental and human health organisations. As we only ever use products that meet these requirements, we don’t need any additional ventilation systems in our work environment. Maggenta’s first investment in Fujifilm’s Acuity LED technology came via an exhibition visit in June 2014. We believed back then, as we do now, that customised, tailor-made products are the future of the printed wallpaper market. We needed a printer that could help us deliver high-quality print work at a speed that wouldn’t compromise the finish or see it deteriorate over a longer run. We were experiencing all these pitfalls with our latex printers at the time,’ Kucuk explains.



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